Start now with the Speech@Home approach!

What are the benefits of the Therapy Programme Builder?

  • Unique speech programme generator which helps therapists develop programmes for children in a short space of time, increasing efficiency
  • An evidence-based intervention underpinned by rigorous research
  • Flexible, individualised programmes
  • Automated access to cleft therapy resources
  • Professionally delivered speech therapy programmes for parents

Who is eligible to use the Therapy Programme Builder?

Qualified speech and language therapists

What are the costs?

  • Therapy Program Builder and Resources includes a one-hour webinar, a Therapy Programme Builder Manual and access to the builder and resources for one therapist, valid for one year, for as many children as they wish.
    € 250

  • Thereafter, annual fee to access Therapy Programme Builder and resources
    € 130

Registration steps

  • Register through the form on the right, eligibility will be confirmed within 5 working days
  • If eligible, S@H will send an invoice
  • The one hour webinar training course is run monthly
    Upcoming Webinars:  Wed July 21st 2021 1.00-2.00pm; Wed Aug 18th 2021 1.00-2.00pm
  • Please confirm which one you wish to attend by emailing
  • Once payment has been received, access to the Therapy Programme Builder and resources will be activated and the webinar zoom link sent
  • Indicate the types of speech disorders for which you want to make use of Speech@Home.
  • Indicate the different settings in which you want to make use of Speech@Home.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.