Parent Led Speech Therapy

for Children with Cleft Palate

Evidence based online speech therapy resource

for Speech and Language Therapists and Parents

Contact: info@speechathome.org

Speech@Home is an evidence based online speech therapy resource for Speech and Language Therapists (SLT) and Parents to support the provision of therapy for children with speech disorders related to cleft palate, or similar sounding speech difficulties.

For Parents

It empowers parents to deliver therapy under the supervision of an SLT, while providing all the resources required for fun therapy at home. 

For SLTs

Speech@Home supports the SLT by providing a therapy programme builder which allows the SLT to efficiently compose a child specific therapy programme from a menu, with all the resources required for the recommended therapy activities.

Speech@Home includes training modules i. for the speech and language therapist in the application of this model and ii. professionally recorded lectures, together with manuals, quizzes and assignments, for training parents.

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Listen to the podcast about the study behind Speech@Home: A Randomised Controlled Trial Comparing Parent Led Therapist Supervised Articulation Therapy (PLAT) with Routine Intervention for Children with speech disorders associated with cleft palate.

Therapy Resources for Cleft Palate Speech

Speech@Home features many great therapy resources including over 50 one minute video clips that show how sounds are made, how to help a child to make a sound or to blend sounds into syllables and words.

There are also many picture materials which have been specifically adapted to support Cleft Speech Therapy.

Parent Training Videos

We have a series of professionally recorded lectures for training parents in aspects of speech therapy for children with cleft palate. Watch the video to give you a taster of some of the talks in the Parent Training Course. 

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