For Speech and Language Therapists

Everything required to run parent training courses, a therapy programme builder and therapy resources for children with cleft palate or cleft palate like speech difficulties

Parent Training Courses

Speech@Home provides both a training package for speech and language therapists in the application of Speech@Home and professionally recorded lectures for training parents.

The Parent Courses:

  • An in-depth course for parents undertaking regular therapy activities, working in partnership with a therapist. Everything an SLT requires in order to run a training course for a group of parents is available including the video lectures, lecture handouts, sound videos, parent quizzes and answers, and course evaluation forms. This approach is suitable for parents who wish to play a more active role  in undertaking therapy, supported by and working in partnership with their therapist. Families which might be suitable are as follows:
    • Child: aged 3 to 8 years, English is the first language, is stimulable for at least one sound, ideally two, +/- developmental speech errors, +/- velopharyngeal insufficiency, +/- syndrome, reasonable attention and listening skills, and no significant behaviour problems.
    • Parent: willing to commit their time for training and undertaking the home-based programme, has access to a computer or iPAD/tablet with an internet connection.
  • A short introductory course for parents, based on Speech@Home, to support parents who are able to access therapy, whose child is on the waiting list or is too young to receive direct therapy but therapy is highly likely to be required. This course could potentially be useful for all parents of 2 to 3 year old children born with a cleft palate.

Parent Training Videos

We have a series of professionally recorded lectures for training parents in aspects of speech therapy for children with cleft palate. Watch the videos  below to give you a taster of some of the talks in the Parent Training Course.  

Therapy Programme Builder and Resources

The Therapy Programme Builder is a unique aspect of Speech@Home. This allows the therapist to efficiently develop a child specific speech therapy programme using a simple drop down menu with resources automatically linked to the therapy activities so they are easily accessed by both therapists and parents. Activities can be used with every consonant affected in this type of speech disorder.

This Therapy Programme Builder is ideal for speech and language therapists delivering therapy face to face, using tele-health or a hybrid of both. It has proven effectiveness with trained parents using the parent led, therapist supervised therapy.

Demonstration of activities and resources

Demonstration of therapy programme builder

What Speech and Language Therapists Say

about Speech@Home

“Co designed with parent input, technology and SLT expertise to deliver timely much needed SLT.” - Eilis Murphy, Quality, Standards & Patient Safety Manager, Children’s Health Ireland at Temple Street

“This approach not only allows every child to access highly specialist intervention, uniquely designed for them, but it empowers parents most importantly and they are central to improving their child’s speech, communication and opportunities.” - Eilesh O’Connor, Northern Ireland Cleft Team

“A game changer for how SLTs deliver services in collaboration with parents. Equity of service irrespective of geographical location.” - Tanya Gilroy, Dublin Cleft Team

“Speech@Home will be revolutionary now more than ever as each and every SLT across the globe take to telehealth consultations. Having resources at our fingertips as we virtually engage with our patients will not only make therapy more engaging, but increase the chances of success.” - Nicole Prendevile, North Thames Cleft Service